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Stepping back in time at the HRR? Need some help with that magical look?

The Historical Romance Retreat is proud to be partnering with Period Finery/Period Images at  at our 2022 Event!  Period Finery is offering extremely affordable costume rentals to our attendees so that the challenges of packing costumes to bring along (or the prohibitive cost of buying them!) are gone.  Rental rates start at $15 for some looks! If you are eager to participate and dress up for the HRR parties but unsure of making that investment, Period Finery is standing by!  Please contact them via their website to make arrangements and just let them know you're heading to HRR 2023.

Their professional historical romance photography work is celebrated in the industry and Period Images (the photography/modeling side of this business) is also coming to the Retreat with their talent and their equipment to provide their services to Readers and Authors alike--whether you want to just immortalize your look or update an author headshot, they will be on hand to make everyone feel fantastic!

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