Historical Romance Retreat Authors of 2022

Our roster is subject to change and will be updated regularly!

Also Attending!

Rue Allyn*

Annabelle Anders*

Diana Bold

Kate Pearce*

Gina Conkle*

Ruth Hanson*

Maggie Dallen

Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple*

Kathryn Lynn Davis

Gabrielle Carr*

Tabetha Waite

Evangeline Gold

Belle Amie*

Tracy Sumner

Godiva Glenn

Collette Cameron

Elise Marion

Tess Thompson*

Emilee Harris*

Karla Kratovil*

Peggy McKenzie*

Cynthia Moore*

Tammy Andresen*

Michael Roberts*

Ruth A. Casie*

M. Francis Lamont*

Ophelia Bell

Edie Cay*

Anna St. Claire

Nicola Italia

Kelly Ann Scott

Jeanne Moore*



*Will also be participating in the Book Signing Event on Oct. 1, 2022
alongside all our Rostered Authors