Renee Bernard Welcomes You!

The idea for the Historical Romance Retreat came to me a few years ago and it has been an incredible joy to see that dream become a reality. I wasn't alone and with the help of other historical romance authors, the Retreat has evolved to become the premier Reader and Author event for anyone who loves romance and history.  I wanted to create an experience that affirms the bond between writer and reader and lets us escape from the stresses of our everyday lives.  History is the common thread that inspires us all, and I invite everyone who has yet to discover the magic of the Retreat to join us at our next gathering!

Renee Bernard is a USA Today bestselling author and freelance writer for multiple publications.  She hosted "Canned Laughter and Coffee" for over five years and has always had a weakness for any sentence that starts with the words "I dare you to...." When someone casually said that something like the HRR was impossible, you can imagine how things took off from there.